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As a photographer I have a very high standard of image quality, which is why I produce all limited editions and most open editions photos in  gallery-quality behind acrylic glass. In this process, the photo is printed on premium photo paper and then laminated between a three-layer aluminium composite plate and a polished acrylic glass screen. Pictures made using this technique are highlighted by the brilliant luminosity of the colours and the great depth effect of the motifs. The very same quality and just as expressive as you saw it in my photo gallery in Berlin.

Acrylic glass pictures are delivered by us ready to hang with a profile
wall-mounting. This  technique of mounting creates a floating-look which allows the picture to appear floating approximately one centimetre in front of the wall. Because of this luxurious mountig an additional framing becomes unnecessary. This is one of the most modern forms of picture presentation and a guaranteed eye-catcher for your practice, office or home.

Due to the high-quality finish and the many production steps, the manufacturing of such an acrylic glass picture in gallery quality takes several days. We produce our pictures entirely in professional laboratories in Germany and deliver all designs ready to hang or including a wall-mounting.

This manufacturing at the highest niveau supports the sharpness, brilliance and uniqueness of my motifs.
Limited Editions

Such an edition is unique and a recommendation for collectors and lovers of photographs. I offer selected works as exclusive and strictly limited editions in one or sometimes two selected sizes. Our limited editions are comparatively small editions, as I consider not only the quality but also the high potential of increasing the value of the photo artworks you purchase. This is why I do not offer the works of my limited editions as smaller open editions*. This very strict limitation distinguishes our gallery and offers collectors and art lovers a long-lasting, exclusive and outstanding visual experience of high-quality artistic photography.
The retail prices of the photographs depend on the demand, the total number of copies and the size. In the case of highly popular motifs, the price will increase continuously as the number of a available prints decreases. Therefore it is well worth not to wait too long with your decision to purchase an original Alexander Palm fine art photo.
For each limited edition artwork purchased, you will be given a Certificate of Authenticity in your name with details of the motif, the serial edition number and a limited edition guarantee.

Open Editions

All artworks, which are not marked as "Limited Edition", are published in unlimited editions and are available in different sizes and finishes. We also offer these pictures in premium gallery quality, as well as in attractive priced finishes. All of my artworks based on a real photo print, since a high quality finish is very important to me. This is why we generally do not use direct acrylic glass printing methods. With our photo creations you emphasize your individual lifestyle and prove your claim to image quality without compromise.

With our photo creations you emphasize your individual lifestyle and prove your claim to image quality without compromise. For individual assistance, questions and orders please write me an e-mail or contact me by  phone.

* The only exceptions outside the edition are publications in books, catalogues, magazines and press or postcards.